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The Most Cost Effective Way to Manage Your Mobile Devices

That may sound like a bold statement. But history has proven us right. Wireless Analytics has helped companies from Fortune 200s to start-ups save money, improve efficiency and take the hassle out of mobile device management. And we can do the same for you.

Procurement & IT Asset Management

From chaos and headaches to order and peace of mind

Wireless Analytics' automated tools make it easy for you to maintain an accurate inventory and create a streamlined procurement process. In fact, Wireless Analytics customizes a procurement portal and process for your organization based on your specifications.  End-users will be able to easily access online ordering catalogs, reports, policies, and carrier information. And safe-guards are incorporated that ensure all necessary permissions are obtained before fulfillment.

Contact us today and start the process that will save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches.

Carrier and Invoice Management

Creating leverage for the best possible rates

As a carrier-agnostic company, Wireless Analytics helps you negotiate carrier discounts and ensure contract compliance, no matter what carrier you prefer. But we also resolve billing errors, audit and validate carrier invoices monthly, and deliver monthly customized billing reports to your accounts payable department —allocating charges down to the employee level— customized the way they want it. Can your current provider do that?

With our vast experience dealing with carriers all around the world, and no direct relationships with any carriers, we’ll always be looking out for your best interests. So contact us today, and let us show you the difference experience can make.

Global Help Desk & Support

Increase productivity. Reduce downtime around the globe.

When an employee’s mobile device goes down, so does their productivity. Wireless Analytics’ best-in-class call center and help desk provides complete device lifecycle management services, freeing up your internal resources. We make sure your organization only has the services you need at the most cost-effective price possible. And if you have international offices, we can handle that too.

Our global Help Desk services include:

  • Provisioning/Procurement Support
  • Moves/Adds/Changes/Deletions
  • Device and Feature Support
  • MDM/BES Administration
  • Data Wipe and Recycling

Cut your downtime and keep your mobile workforce running. Any carrier. Anytime. Anywhere.