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Achieving Global Visibility for a Fortune 200 Biotechnology Company


The Beginning – A Loyal Relationship

Wireless Analytics (WA) had built a strong, 9-year relationship with their client, a Fortune 200 company with 17 billion dollars in revenue and over 60,000 employees in 100 countries. Over the years, WA had grown its scope of work to include billing management, monthly cost allocations, helpdesk support and device procurement in North America. As the client acquired more international companies, they realized that they didn’t have the same consistent telecom visibility and support globally as they had in North America.

The Challenge – Improving User Experience and Reporting Internationally

The client asked Wireless Analytics to provide the same mobile management services being offered in North America to the United Kingdom and Germany. To achieve this transition, WA set out to learn each carrier’s procurement and privacy practices, rate plans (tariffs), and how their portal could integrate with WA’s existing systems. WA needed to obtain carrier billing data and match it to the client’s HR roster in each country, ensuring full visibility and accountability and allocation of cost could be achieved. The process had to be dynamic, able to adjust when employees left the company or moved to a new department. A new end-user support process also needed to be put in place. Because the client had many employees traveling to different countries for business, the local support needed to work in harmony with the backend teams when assisting end users. Finally, WA needed to develop an ordering interface that was consistent for every user, no matter where in the world they were located. This included creating a customized procurement portal by country/carrier and 24-hour support for users. WA worked with local IT teams to understand how their current processes work and determine how to keep as much of the existing process on the back end, while utilizing WA’s systems and portal to streamline the process.

The Need – Onboard Even More End Users

The client was pleased with the Germany and United Kingdom onboarding process and initial results. They then presented a bigger challenge: Having just acquired another company with subsidiaries in 15 different countries across Europe, they needed all end users to be onboarded in a short period. WA had to work closely with each country’s carrier and develop processes that worked for everyone in a fraction of the time. WA was able to meet this challenge and provide results on time and under budget.

The Results – Full Centralization of Information, Full Visibility

The results of centralizing the company’s international telecom infrastructure were phenomenal. WA reduced the client’s IT, telecom, and finance workload easier by taking care of end users, providing a consistent outstanding user experience, and giving analysts more access to all telecom information under a single pane of glass. Telecom budgets could be fully analyzed, and the client had a full understanding how every dollar was being spent.

WA also improved the client’s savings per month by 18.5%, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in total after-cost savings each year – all by taking over management of 5,000+ international lines while working with dozens of international carriers.

The client continues to rely on WA for international support, and there are opportunities to support more countries in the future. They trust WA to deliver the best user experience and visibility, and they count on WA for consulting with each onboarded country to better develop their telecom process - and turning something so complex into a simple and elegant solution. WA truly believes in delivering on their promise, “Mobile Management Made Easy."