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Moving a Manual Process to the Cloud

The client, an American consumer electronics company, hired Wireless Analytics to provide full managed services for their mobile workforce in North America and Europe for years, and when they had a new mobile dilemma, they turned to our team for guidance.

The Challenge 

The client had a lack of internal resources and SME’s to procure, deploy, manage, and update their electronic kiosks located in major retail stores across North America and Europe. The kiosks are designed for consumers to demo and sample their high-end music systems. In order to update the software on the kiosks, the client needed people to drive to the kiosks and manually upgrade the devices. The kiosks are placed all over North America and Europe, so the process of fixing 3,000+ devices was a very costly and time-consuming project for the client. 

To remedy this, the client sought a solution to move their manual process to the cloud. Managing a deployment and selecting the best wireless network across 3,000 retail locations was a huge concern for the client. In order for the client to meet their budget requirements, it was critical for a plug and play solution. IoT services can be complicated to budget and the client wanted straight forward, predictable pricing. 

The WA Solution

Wireless Analytics first performed a detailed analysis to help procure the IoT routers and identify a best-of-breed LTE IoT partner. All routers were received directly by Wireless Analytics' kitting and logistics team from the international router manufacturer. WA's kitting/logistics team was responsible for activating the SIM, provisioning the router with custom firmware, tracking within the inventory management tool, and providing global shipping options for final deployment. 

Addressing the critical need for a plug and play solution, WA leveraged the multi-IMSI network of their carrier partner, Webbing. Webbing's network identified the best Tier 1 wireless provider on each individual data session, thus eliminating the need to do extensive coverage map analysis and site surveys. This solution saved countless hours and frustration in deployment and ongoing management of these LTE connections. 

WA built a full solution that delivered LTE connectivity, router deployment and ongoing managed services at a fixed, straight-forward cost. The architecture and billing methodology of the solution is able to scale with limited additional requirements on the client, taking the work off of the client. 

The Results

By taking the manual process with a human capital element and moving it to a connected solution that automatically reports data to the cloud, the client will see enormous cost savings in the future - the project is estimated to save the customer 9,000 hours per monthly software update. The $225,000 in savings per month equals out to a total cost savings of $2.7 million dollars per year. Essential information will be transmitted to the client faster than ever before and it will now be a breeze to make upgrades to the kiosks.