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Deploying Devices, Empowering End Users


The Challenge

Even though “Analytics” is in our name, the client demand for mobile device management is broader than delivering potential for cost savings. Our clients expect us to handle the entire lifecycle of a device, and our latest device deployment for Abiomed was no exception.

The WA Solution

Like many businesses, Abiomed, a manufacturer of medical implant devices, is making the shift to empower their end users by supplying iPads. Abiomed asked Wireless Analytics to procure 350 iPad Pro’s. WA purchased the devices from Apple along with the request accessories (VGA/HDMI adapters, Apple Pencils, etc.) and provisioned each device with Abiomed’s preferred carrier, AT&T.

Once the device was procured and provisioned, WA made sure that each device was set up properly for the end user, so they would be ready to go on day one. The devices were registered on Abiomed’s own MDM platform, iOS was updated to the latest version, over a dozen mobile applications were downloaded, installed, and configured, and each device was fitted with a heavy-duty Logitech case.

WA then went on-site to Abiomed’s National Sales Meeting to hand deliver 250 kitted devices and ship the remaining 100 to remote employees. After the devices were received, WA is counted on to provide ongoing reporting visibility and support for the entirety of the device lifecycle.

The Results

Abiomed’s sales team is now empowered to perform their daily tasks with iPads and their IT department didn’t have to spend time getting each device set up and working. WA took everything off of Abiomed’s plate and continues to provide world-class, “white glove” service, ensuring each sales team member has a functional tablet and immediate, 24-hour support if an issue does arise. This ensures maximum efficiency for Abiomed, and happy employees who have company devices designed to make them more productive.