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Go to Market with a Leader in IoT 

Security is the major piece of the IoT puzzle. We can help you avoid the most common security mistakes in the IoT rush.

We help you bring IoT Products to Market

As you bring your next connected device to market, we’ll help drive every part of the process from start to finish, ensuring it’s launched on time, under budget, and importantly, with risk mitigation in mind. Our subject matter expertise crosses every vertical market, including smart buildings, smart grid, healthcare, retail, robotics and more.

Execute Your IoT Strategy with Us


We work with you to establish exactly what it is you’re looking to accomplish with IoT in order to understand your exact right fit when it comes to your business model, how much data you’ll need, and where you’ll deploy. Then we shop the marketplace for you. Our vendor relationships keep your costs low and quality of service high.


Our teams take care of all deployment details, kitting, and logistics. Need to ship 5,000 devices to China in a week? No problem. Let our team do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Receiving equipment
  • Provisioning cellular service
  • Loading custom firmware
  • Boxing and labeling
  • Adding accessories
  • Shipping and tracking

Ongoing Management

Did you account for your device to only use 50MB of data and have budgeted for only the cost of that data? What happens when a sensor fails and now that device is flooding data and is now using 500MB of data? You’re now over budget and losing money.

Overages and malfunctions happen. We make sure they don’t go unnoticed. Using top tier technology, we monitor and optimize the health of your IoT deployment so it stays within budget and maintains top quality for the entirety of its lifecycle.

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