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WA does the heavy lifting, so your team doesn't need to!

We understand that there is more to mobile management than just trying to contain costs, and our customers understand this as well. 

Companies come to us for mobile device deployment services, a one-stop solution for 100 devices to 10,000 devices, and we have the flexibility to deploy the right mobile solution at a very cost-effective price.

What separates us from the other MMS companies is that we're able to do large-scale deployments from start to finish. We make sure that companies don't spend internal resources handling mobility - we take the work off their plate and provide unmatched, white-glove project services.

Our device deployment services include:

  • Procurement
    • Negotiate initial carrier plans 
    • Order devices
    • Order SIMs for devices
    • Order accessories for devices
  • Provisioning/Kitting
    • Provision devices with carrier service 
    • Register devices with EMM/MDM platform
    • Load corporate apps onto devices
    • Perform OS updates
  • Deployment
    • Hand deliver or ship devices to employees
  • Support
    • Provide ongoing visibility and support for whole device lifecycle
    • Provide security consulting

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