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Perfecto Mobile: Customer Service that Goes the Extra Mile


The Challenge

Perfecto had grown quickly. Usually good news.  However, this quick growth resulted in an immediate need to help service their equally growing mobile user base. The solution for Perfecto was easy enough. They had to hire a new person to take on the job of managing their mobile services. And there lay the rub. In order to hire and train a qualified person, it was going to take time. Time they didn’t have. The problem was growing more cumbersome by the day, and Perfecto needed help immediately.

The WA Solution

When Perfecto came to Wireless Analytics with their situation, WA proposed a unique solution—WA would provide Perfecto with a highly qualified WA staff member to fill the role while they searched for and trained the right candidate. This allowed Perfecto to go through their normal, effective hiring process, while at the same time solved their immediate problem of managing their mobile services.

Additionally, the WA person was an expert in the field. That meant he knew exactly what needed to be done in order to efficiently manage the process. In other words, he came in ready to work on day one.

The Results

The WA staff member worked at Perfecto for 6 months. During that time the WA staff member managed procurement of devices, provisioning, validation and developed best practices for the company.

Not being under the gun to hire someone, Perfecto avoided making a costly personnel mistake. Instead, they were able to find a candidate that not only had the skill set needed to perform effectively, but was also the right fit for their company culture.

Moreover, because the WA staff member had already set up processes based on industry best-practices, when the new Perfecto candidate started, they simply stepped into an existing process and hit the ground running.