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The Cost of Not Acting

Blue Hill WA Book Cover.pngBlue Hill Research, the leading research organization dedicated to verifying technology-driven business success, has written a comprehensive report about the enterprise cost of not addressing common managed mobility service issues. Blue Hill has discovered that enterprises can achieve an ROI of 184% over a three-year period using a third-party MMS instead of managing services in-house!


Anatomy of a Decision

Anatomy CoverAnatomy CoverAs mobility has become a core enterprise enabler, corporate management responsibilities have expanded far beyond inventory and expense management to encompass all aspects of the mobility lifecycle, from carrier contract negotiations to secure device retirement. The increasing complexity of managing mobility is prompting many firms to engage third-party specialists to help manage telecommunications programs and enterprise mobility services.  This report examines the experience of five firms as they navigated the solution selection process for enterprise mobility support, and ultimately selected Wireless Analytics to manage their mobility and telecommunications services.

Wireless Mobile Services Policy

6 Reasons WP The average enterprise employee uses three or more devices daily for   work activities. With all those mobile devices in play, your company         may be a risk of data breaches, lower employee productivity, and   higher overage costs.

 Download our guide to find out how your organization can address   these issues by forming a strong mobile services policy that everyone   can follow.



Six Reasons to Outsource Wireless Expense Management

6 Reasons WP As the capabilities of mobility evolve, performing Wireless Expense Management in-house, or combining the practice with Telecom Expense Management is becoming more difficult than ever.

Download our white paper to find out how your organization can immediately reduce the level of effort for supporting mobility and gain instant access to best-in-class methodologies.



BYOD: Dos and Don’ts

TEMIA Do's and Don'ts In association with TEMIA (Telecom Expense Management Industry Association), Wireless Analytics presents BYOD: Dos and Don’ts.

Download BYOD: Dos and Don’ts to receive insights into the challenges of BYOD for telecommunications devices and applications with a prescription of dos and don’ts, including recommendations for managing expenses, security, legal matters, privacy, employee productivity and technical issues.


Mobility Industry Trends Effecting Rising Costs for Enterprise IT Departments

Mobility Industry TrendsMobile environments across the globe are changing at a rapid pace.  Evolving technology and business requirements are affecting the way enterprises manage their environments, as well as the costs involved.

This white paper from AOTMP and Wireless Analytics highlights the key trends in the mobile management industry while exploring the cost considerations and implications of each trend.



9 Things Enterprise IT Needs to Know About BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10BES 10 and the latest BlackBerry devices present a new learning curve for IT organizations. Enterprises need to act fast to plan migration strategies in light of changes to the BlackBerry platform, or offer compelling reasons to migrate off the platform.

Download 9 Things Enterprise IT Needs to Know about BlackBerry 10 and learn how address the challenges posed by BlackBerry 10.