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PAREXEL International: Negotiating from a Position of Knowledge


The Challenge

PAREXEL International needed to renew their carrier contracts. As with any negotiation, knowledge is power. And that was the problem. PAREXEL had no idea what they were spending on their mobile services.  The raw data existed, but to actually consolidate and analyze it would take too long and cost too much if they did it internally. Without those numbers, however, they would be entering the carrier negotiation blind and with no real leverage to secure better pricing. This put them at a severe disadvantage.

The WA Solution

When you want a problem solved correctly, you hire an expert. And the problem PAREXEL was experiencing was right in WA’s wheelhouse.  PAREXEL utilized Wireless Analytics’ benchmarking data solutions. WA was able to review PAREXEL’s spend and usage over a 15 years period.  By analyzing the data, PAREXEL was armed with the information they needed to negotiate the best deal possible.

The Results

Using WA’s benchmarking data as reference, PAREXEL negotiated a much better deal with the carrier. PAREXEL has enjoyed a decrease in their Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) from September 2015 to today. The new contract not only provided savings but also more features, including all lines now benefitting from unlimited domestic voice and text messaging, which reduced the opportunity for domestic overages in those two categories.

And because Wireless Analytics is carrier agnostic (we don’t promote any particular carrier), PAREXEL was able to negotiate with a wider range of carriers. This meant they received the best overall deal from all available carriers instead of the best deal from one specific carrier.